Ballet Photography

Some of the key scenes in The Betrayal are set at a fundraiser in an art gallery. Thanks to our partnership with D-Light Studios, a multimedia space in a 150-year-old warehouse in the North Inner Centre of Dublin, these scenes have a truly unique backdrop.

A primary element of those scenes is the ballet-related photography exhibition taking place in the gallery.  Numerous photographers from all over the world answered our appeal, and we are very proud to have received art from all over Europe, and even from California and Canada.

Choosing the 24 pieces that are going to be featured in the art exhibition scene was truly difficult, so high was the quality of the pieces submitted.  We would like to thank all the artists who submitted their work to us.  Here are the names of the photographers whose work is featured in The Betrayal:

  • Donal Moloney (Ireland):  his work has been displayed throughout the world and includes campaigns for Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Bank of Ireland and Vodafone, to name but a few. He also photographed Sinead O’Connor for her latest album, and you might know his amazing Urbex series.
  • Ewa Krasucka (Poland): the official photographer of the Polish National Ballet, her works have been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian.
  • Andrea Paolini Merlo (Hungary): a photographer, dancer and choreographer with the Hungarian National Ballet Company. 
  • Berenger Zyla (San Francisco):  professional photographer whose clients include Microsoft, AOL and the San Francisco Diablo Ballet.
  • Rafal Kostrzewa (Ireland): an experienced creative photographer whose clients include actor Peter Coonan (Love/Hate), and brands like James Fox Dublin, BMW, Audi and Mitsubishi. Rafal is also the official stills photographer for The Betrayal!
  • Laura Mumby (Scotland), Specialist Dance & Theatre Photographer, an IDTA dance teacher in Dundee and Photographer for Evolve Studios (Boudoir, Edinburgh).
  • Lucy Dawson (Ireland), a contemporary dance artist, photographer and videographer based in Limerick. Lucy has been involved in numerous and diverse projects, ranging from dance performances, to music videos, adverts, plays, musicals, site specific projects and films.
  • Stuart John Stafford, a writer, filmmaker and photographer based in London with clients including Illamasqua and designer Cathy Sutherland.

Here is a sample of the stunning photographs featuring in The Betrayal.

"Ildikó és Dávid" - Photo by Andrea Paolini Merlo
“Ildikó és Dávid” – Photo by Andrea Paolini Merlo


The Windowsill by Donal Moloney, from the acclaimed "Intruders" series
“The Windowsill” – from the acclaimed “Intruders” series by Donal Moloney

Note: most of the photographs, including the two featured above, will be available through the film’s crowdfunding campaign. They are printed on 1016mm x 1524mm high quality paper and attached to lightweight foam boards. Follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts for updates on their availability!